Thursday, December 08, 2005

New seafood restaurant a la Newport, OR

This is a dynamite article if you have seafood restaurants on the brain. Either to eat in one or put one together. The fish is served about a frisbees throw away from where the boats that caught it tie up on the north side of Yaquina Bay.

This seafood market is in the Pike Place market in Seattle.

There is a great location like this in Petersburg, AK. It's even on pilings, and the road in front of it is on pilings too. The view out the spacious windows command a view of nothing but a sea of boats and processing plants and the mountains that rise straight up from the ship channel a mile away. The setting sun pours it's yellow rays straight in through those big windows for an ambiance that can't be beat. And the tourists stream by yards away on their way to town from the ferry terminal. And they serve PIZZA!

And as long as we're talking about seafood marketing, I'll throw in a tid-bit I saw today on vastly increasing the shelf life of fresh seafood. It's from a company that develops high-tech solutions for bacterial growth, for one thing. They claim to be able to double the shelf life of some seafoods.

"The Company intends to market the pHarlo technology for use in pathogen reduction and shelf life extension in seafood processing, subject to the receipt of any necessary regulatory approvals. Tasker Pacific Blue(TM) Seafood Wash has been tested at the North Carolina State Center for Marine Science & Technology, Virginia Tech University and Mississippi State University. It has been tested on such varieties of seafood as shrimp, mahi mahi, salmon, flounder, scallops and catfish. The results of the pHarlo technology reflect the possibility of doubling the shelf life on catfish filets and a significant increase on the shelf life of scallops. Commercial scale tests began in December 2005."

I blogged before about a mixture of gasses that extended the shelf life of a test batch of humpies in wet-locks for weeks. I wonder what they put in those little bags of cut up apples that keeps them looking fresh as a daisy a month after you buy them.


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