Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Grants, Seafood Festival, Yukon king getting smaller? Highlights from 2005.

An alert from the Southeast Regional Seafood Development Association on Vessel Upgrade Grants:

Geoff Whistler will be in the City Council Chambers in Wrangell 1/9/2006 starting at 3PM and staying untill everyone interested has had all their questions pertaining to grant applications answered. If enough interest is generated within the fleets SEAK Rainforest WILD will hold workshops in other communities. Pleased contact Paul Southland or Nedia Voltz with questions, or to pick up copies of the grant applications. 907-874-3400

Sample of a fun State Seafood Festival:

If I was going to throw a real party, this is the kind of thing I'd do. And at $10 admission, for locally produced libations and seafood, it should be a real hit. The live music has to be more of a central feature. Sometimes at these things the band is so far back in the wings and the volume turned down so low you don't even know they are there. It should be about having a good time first of all, and making business contacts second. Just swap cards and do your talking later on the phone.

The Yukon king salmon is getting smaller by many accounts:

Now that's a real burn when you're expecting some nice sizers. Some old-timers don't believe it, but some fishery managers say the evidence is strong.

Highlights from 2005:

Including Laine Welch's Best and Worst of 2005 list. Notice that three of the worst were spawned by the same intrepid State Legislator. I'd personallly like to learn how to fly fish live without water. That would keep spoilage down. Let the fish do the quality control. Makes sense.


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