Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Profile of "Quota seeking "Processor""

I've been a processor, a fisherman, a bureaucrat, a banker, a marine fabricator and inventor, other things that made me curious, and now a news analyst.

This cannery in Anchorage closed when it's owner, one of the biggest canners in Alaska at the time, didn't see the shift to frozen sockeye coming.

Two points are pertinent to the discussion in this post. One, I'm not paid by anyone to say anything, (although it would be handy in getting my cars fixed) and two, most of my direct industry involvement has been with large "processors," and the rest was fisheries related. I went to college to help me become a processor even.

But I have to confess, I can find no reason to give any more economic advantage to the stock-holders of seafood processing companies. They are already making their processing profits and doing everything they can to control the marketing of seafood that was once a public resource. They are doing fine, and most of the ones that seek a perpetual piece of the resource at the fishermen and public's expense are expanding their processing reach as we speak with excess capital.

There is only one way to understand the issue, and that it to take a close look at one of these companies. CLICK HERE to see an article on a company that has been particularly agressive in it's quest to "get it all."