Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Processor linkages are needed for transitional stability?

Fortunately, on-line news services like this one can quickly respond to very time sensitive matters, especially when superior acting folks think they have the last word.

This wasn't Augustine I was flying over, but Kodiak may be ripe for blowing it's top if ADF&G doesn't drop it's "agenda."

Commissioner Campbell of the ADF&G got in an article in the Kodiak paper right before Com-Fish, basically telling critics to keep quiet. I don't read much written by him personally, just get what he is doing from other reporters and readers. But this article really shows he is on a "mission."

This is why he is attacked. Because a Commissioner is supposed to look at things candidly and professionally, not slanted and politically. When he mentions "processor linkages are needed for transitional stability," all red lights start flashing, and I think I see flames coming out of number four engine. There is no instability now that even remotely compares to the destruction to the free enterprise system, that forcing a businessman to do business with someone else, would have.

If Commissioner Campbell can't understand that, then he deserves whatever criticism comes his way. It's free enterprise that has made this country strong. Like the old saying goes, "he might not have a good grip on historical perspectives, but he sure doesn't know doodly about the fishing business."

Look, I could pick holes in the above hyper-linked article all day, but a lot of you need to get downtown (Kodiak) and attend the functions. I found Mr. Campbell's article offensive, is all I'll say. Taking a superior tone with hard nosed fishermen isn't going to foster cooperation. And fishermen sure don't want to hear about cooperation with processors who are so deliberately trying to gain advantage. ADF&G might be a little believable if they didn't use the term "rationalization."

Mr. Campbell, nobody is assasinating your character, you do just fine by yourself, in trying to further the interests of the processors. If somebody told you to do all this, and you don't like the heat, then maybe you should get out of the kitchen. A rival manager told me that and I quit the major league processors for good. I suspect you are like me when I worked for the big processors, you find yourself working for the side that doesn't fit your character because you can't pull off the "big lie" believably, no disrespect intended.