Monday, May 22, 2006

Take that four-barrel off that Council

It pleases me to no end that these industry grudges are getting out in the open and not festering like a poke from a rat-fish.

Bleeding a sockeye after it comes out of the net.

This expansion of "the discussion" is as necessary for the health of the industry as fishermen knowing what consumers are paying for fish on the other end. Maybe the most famous social entrepreneur of the 20th century, John Kenneth Gailbraith, would have been pleased to no end as well. He recommended this kind of exchange highly.

The reader will have to reconcile this new letter with my previous post. The writer below was instrumental in getting the RSDA approved for Bristol Bay. Thanks Robin, I predict you will be in the history books for your efforts. The funny thing is, the writer Robin is responding to, I think helped get the Regional Seafood Development Association for Prince William Sound.

The chief frustration is with the Board of Fish, that has too much power for the calibre of people they get for it, just like the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council. It's like giving a kid graduating from eighth grade, a Corvette to rod around in. Something's gotta give or we will be going round and round forever. But as the RSDAs evolve, the regions will find they have a lot in common; they have fishermen, who have boats, who live on the coast of Alaska, and need to get more money for their fish, etc. Then with a unified voice, fishermen can start to build the kind of lives and communities they wanted all along.

"Hi John, I was shipped your article of May 20, "Board of Fish and Valdez meeting, or gillnetters beware". First off, I never read or talked about a fishery proposal that came up at the Valdez meeting. I have no axe to grind with any user group including Sportsmen or Subsistence User's of any fish stock that enters PWS, Southeast or any other fishery for that matter. I am a Bristol Bay Drift Fishermen and my concerns are for the fishery of Bristol Bay. Whoever wrote the article, surely must not sleep very well at night. Let me state the correct record.

1. Virgil Umpenhour contacted me to see if Robert Heyano was in Dillingham, Virgil called him (Heyano)several times and requested if I did see Robert to have Robert call him, I agreed. One phone call, no talk of any fish proposals.
2. Correct, Robert and I have been friends for many years, and remain so today.
3. Correct, both Robert and I sit on the BBEDC Board, I was appointed by my village council and Robert was appointed by another village council.
4. Correct, Trevor McCabe provided some services to BBEDC.

To the best of my knowledge, Trevor McCabe and Robert Heyano have never met. As the CEO of BBEDC, I was tasked with hiring and working with Trevor, not Heyano. Trevor and I never talk about salmon politics, especially PWS.

Maybe you could tell the author of this article I bank with Wells Fargo, and he could add this to his simplistic conspiracy that maybe Ed and I dreamed up his nightmare or that I also know Bever Nelson, or the fact that 20 years ago I fished for Icicle Seafoods and all the dots would be connected.

The PWS gillnetter's time would be better spent doing other things than trying to make false accusations against me and other folks in the fishing industry.

Thanks, Robin Samuelsen, a Bristol Bay Drift fishermen who for voted for the BBRSDA.