Friday, April 01, 2011

Corporate Khans

"(Florida Governor)Scott says the cuts are necessary to address a $170 million deficit in the Agency for Persons with Disabilities — but at the same time, he is also proposing $1.5 billion in corporate tax cuts and $1.4 billion more in property tax cuts."

The question is, what comes after the five year - $6 billion tax cut for the oil companies in Alaska? There is no corresponding performance bond type language in the Governor's bill, which just passed the House of Representatives. Fortunately, I took my two children with developmental disabilities out of Alaska. This might get ugly for folks like my children there. The ones who have the least ability to protest get targeted for government funding cuts. Alaska Governor Parnell is smarter than that Florida hack though. Sean isn't proposing the cuts in corporate taxes and cuts to vulnerable citizens in the same breath.

Let's recap the corporate agenda for a second. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is so blatantly against the middle class he had the police eject teachers' representatives from a press conference on education. What?

The Governor of Maine ordered a huge mural of working folk removed from a government building saying, "You don't see anything honoring business here, so we can't have anything honoring the workers." What? Who does he think makes up a business if not workers? I realize the owners of the businesses aren't chopped liver, but hey, give respect where respect is due, not start down a road of marginalizing folk.

The Palmer, Alaska State Representative introduced and then pulled a Bill to yank collective bargaining rights. I was fortunate, I started paying my way through college working in a cold storage in Alaska that was unionized. The plants got rid of the unions and you can't work your way through college working in a fish processing plant anymore. Some unions have survived and I'd hate to see what would happen to Alaskan's quality of life without the ability to talk to managers about their wages.

In Ohio, the Republican controlled Legislature struck over 60,000 comments from citizens from the record, just because they could. Maybe there is a loophole that allows them to, but is this democracy? Really and truly?

The reasons I've seen given for cutting the taxes on the wealthiest corporations in Alaska are hollow indeed. No substance at all, if not outright lies. In the least, dangerous presumptions. Isn't there an old saying about the sin of presumption? The republicans(how can you capitalize the word these days?) presume that enriching the already rich will somehow help. Help who? Please explain in detail. What part about the failure of 'trickle down economics' don't they understand. Unless they just don't care to understand. Which sure seems to be the case.

Hopefully the Alaska Senate has more integrity than just saying "let's just give it a whirl and see what happens." Whew, I personally know a kid who figured he'd drive as fast as possible over those deep potholes in asphalt hoping he could sail over somehow. The damage is just worse with that kind of reckless abandon.

The damage to folks who need the government's help is not fixable by a trip to the auto parts store. Giving to the rich and taking from the poor will catch up with those responsible. This can't go on forever and when it stops, names are going to be remembered.