Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Human rights abuses in the Bering Strait

 Is there a second crossing of the Bering Strait of a foreign culture, or is it a home grown one? What do you call a regional culture that would persecute someone for trying to start a proven economic development engine? An engine that the rest of Alaska's coastal communities rely on already and has for decades. Western Alaska is no small place, and it has LOTS of people, and they have goals and desires like you and me. Dreams that can be dashed by the tens of thousands by a Congress that turns a blind eye. Below is an exchange of letters I recently had with a Nome resident and highly successful economic development type. Who also just had a home invasion, by a policeman wielding a taser gun. 
Not an isolated incident for Nome. Out of control law and order in support of a feudal paradigm. Decent Alaskans can thank their oil-lobbyist governor for the unraveling of civil society in support of mega resource extractors, and they can only cross their fingers that the police won't invade their own homes. I do have faith that Alaskans' self-preservation instincts will kick in and they will elect leaders with the normal human desire to uplift others. Just like in this election cycle, a barely concealed 'Never give a sucker an even break' candidate vs an incumbent who inherited an economy wrecked by the same crowd and is accused of the mess by virtue of his being the top guy.

I could sure see what Obama was talking about last night; trying to get the crazy out of the schools and families by heavy support. People will either use pencils and flashlights, or they will use pitchforks and torches. I would rather my heirs not have to use the latter.
(To a friend of mine in Nome, AK)

"Stuff" is happening all over, as Joe Biden would say. The Romney health plan is mathematically impossible, according to a research institute, and of course the President. If it's too complicated for o'l Mitt, it's too complicated for voters. They will just go on his looks, just like folks did with Sarah. You've got people running things and voting all over who are like the woman who was advocating on a radio program that they should move the deer crossing signs from where deer are getting hit a lot. She said they should put the deer crossing signs at school crossings so the deer and drivers will be more safe.

It doesn't surprise me that NSEDC leadership is afraid of Tim. Don't know if I told you of the time at a NPFMC meeting in Portland where one ancient fish politico scooted away from my gaze like a hermit crab on steroids, crouched down and all. I turned around and looked right at him is all. Didn't say a word or even approach him. I see all kinds of precedents being set up there in Western Alaska that lowers the bar by leaps. If it can happen there it can happen anywhere. Maybe court-protected backstabbing like this will catch on in other legal jurisdictions as a way to keep dissenters in their own homes. Like in "prohibited from being 500 feet from any person with dark hair." They could say anything, like in Citizens United.

The solution for us is a big very efficient boat to escape in, because down the road somewhere the price or availability of fuel may be problematic for getting around on land or sea. The bigger the boat the less sustainable it is, especially fishing boats. Factory trawlers are the ultimate unsustainable investment. You could do a study on that. Even PEW now thinks that the catch share system back East is broken. They should admit it was broken at the start like a lot of us marine types warned. 
There is ample proof that the CDQ groups are intent on depriving the populace of Western Alaska an opportunity to provide for themselves. It has been a de facto depopulation tool for people of all stripes; Native leaders, resource extractors from around the world, and unsavory local characters. Greed is going to seed fast and let the record show that the Kotzebue court is another one that is in on it.

Communities all over coastal Alaska are losing population, and even being abandoned. Although the fear of falling out of favor with these predators has been enough to cow large numbers of people. Remember when Pittsburgh lost half it's population to lack of attention to the future of the steel industry? That was about the number of people that live in Alaska today.     This may be the piece that needs to be written by someone.

   Tim got back from Kotzebue. At the last CDQ board meeting as you know Tim got booted. Then a restraining order filed on him in Kotzebue. Hearing was today. Dan Harrelson testified under oath to his fear of Tim. The Court commended his bravery in being a man admitting fear. Fear of prison no doubt with psychosomatic symptoms. But the little squirt did appear terrified apparently. Academy Award #1!
    Then J. I. on the phone literally weeping. There is a persistent background rumor around the community she's been getting first and second opinions from some of the best neurosurgeons in the lower 48 for a brain aneurysm or ism's.

This once healthy person is skinny now, utterly ruthless, displaying little emotion, except when fear of destitution and public exposure intervene. A casual perusal of the literature points out brain aneurysms are often symptomatic of cocaine abuse. Great emotional grist for courtroom histrionics. Academy Award #2!

    The protective order was inevitably extended for 6 months by the Court.
    The attorney was aglow. Warmed by orchestrating the embers of defamation & degradation. Eerily, at total peace with herself. Yale is a great institution after all. It gave us George W. too. Best Supporting Actress!
     So NSEDC is free from the burden of consciousness for half a year. Free to let their reptilian minds swim freely in a sea of greed without distraction.
      The only freedom left is economic freedom; as long as you can afford it.