Saturday, April 30, 2005

" A journey of a thousand miles......."

39,999 Bloggers and me have started to blog today according to the May 2, 2005 article in Newsweek. When the author of the article said the boogging phenomenon is as historically important as the Gutenberg Press, I was sold. I actually have a lot to say about living in Alaska for 50 years that may be lost to this world if my sojourn on this rock should end any time soon. When Dad turned 90 this January I got a little more concerned about the historical perspective. My prime interest is in giving out information that some might find some use for. Like cleaning out your garage when you have to move. A lot of it is still good and something can help someone out of a fix.
It was slightly interesting finding a copy of a painting, recently, of the biplane dad learned to fly in when he joined the Navy during WWII. And it was much appreciated when packaged nicely and mailed off to my parents. (I think mom was more interested in getting it to round out the family history. She ramrodded a book project that came out to over 400 pages of Petersburg history.)
I should know better than to write long paragraphs. The passport I made for Alaska had just bullets of information and became a best seller. So there you have it, I'm promising to not be long winded. Kinda like, "keep the peace as far as you are able to."
There is another reason for starting this blog. You have to have a good reason to start something new around this house, as busy a place as it is. A grandson was even added to the mix in the last month. But to the point, I saw that a favorite subject of mine just went into effect in March to help the seafood industry in Alaska. A year and a half ago I had written a very long letter to the Governor, the Lt. Gov., and the Dept. of Community and Regional Affairs asking what could be the reason for delaying this concept that has served so many other industries so well. Time flies around here, so next thing I know, Regional Seafood Development Associations are springing up all over the state. Maybe I had some effect on pushing it off the fence. I had a lot of information on it from those years that I was the only one pushing the idea. I'll go into the details at some later date. But I think the white paper I left at the state and later work finally paid off. Maybe something else I say will do some good as well.