Saturday, June 11, 2011

Health Issue No. 1

Several people have asked me to write on various aspects of living in health and/or avoiding ill health and/or assaults on our well-being that I know something about. In this endeavor I started writing on the radiation drifting over from Japan, since I do have a dog in that fight. Namely my son who is a CBRN Marine over there, who responded to the emergency immediately. And ended up taking the 'blue pill.' He may receive an award for that, but making heroes out of folk may be stopping short of properly warning the rest of us. And I certainly wouldn't do anything to jeopardize his career in the U.S. Marines.

I am sensitive to this since other of my sons are in equally sensitive positions. I waited to write about my oldest son's involvement in capturing Saddam Hussein until I saw a segment on the History Channel about it. And even then I got a routine call from the DOD. But scrutiny of my writing by government is characterized by assistance with issues by the FBI.

Today I deviate to simply pass on to you the opportunity I found to better understand why we are having so much trouble curing cancer. I've heard of tumors shrinking rapidly by just juicing and drinking everything in the organic section of the grocery store. But this link to a video about a cure will explain a whole lot more. Watch this first before buying a pink magnetic ribbon to stick on the back of your car.

Thanks to those folk who pass on this kind of thing. My computer glitched after 51 minutes of it, but before then, I saw a link to send in thirteen dollars to get the whole movie on CD. The inventor's name was in the URL so you should be able to search it.

So far I haven't given out any information, have I? Whew, I'm safe.