Monday, October 10, 2005

Best Picture of Salmon Thirty Salmon

Heres a link to a cool pic. of the Alaska Airlines 737 painted with a king salmon scheme. Some commentators are right to say about other commentators dissing this project, that there's no call for bashing ingenuity.

As for it costing half a million dollars of taxpayer's dollars: the Norwegian government spent tens of millions of their taxpayers dollars to start marketing Norwegian farmed salmon in the U.S. What do you think would happen to our balance of trade deficit if U.S. citizens bought more American salmon over foreign salmon.

Not only would the dollars stay in this country, but they would be going to American fishermen that support many small communities in Alaska that don't have any other way of surviving. Seems to me that it's money well spent for one thing, and another, how else are you going to do battle for market share in this new age of the global economy.

Seems to me we need more people taking a wholistic view of the global market-place and fewer people taking potshots from a position of low self-esteem, or whatever other reason, at those who do have vision.

The pot of money the Alaska Fisheries Marketing Board is doling out is being spent sparingly on good projects with a high reliability factor based on performance in other markets. I hope. We don'tneed to mix apples with oranges and compare this kind of marketing with other non-marketing expenditures. Compare it to crop subsidies if necessary.

And as for public scruitiny and participation in the expenditures of this pot of money to help the fishermen of Alaska compete globally, well, this is a Republic, remember. It's not a pure democracy. Don't know if there are any. We could do like they do in one town in Europe, meet in the town square and yell out our yeas and nays. With all the laws that get passed every day in this country, we'd have to camp out permanently in the town square.

But to help you make up your mind about accountability, here's a link for you on the transparency of the spending of the pot of money for marketing.

Giving money to existing companies to market fish based on current purchases from fishermen doesn't do the fishermen any good that are trying to vertically integrate themselves. So this Board "system" may not be in the best interest of other "restructuring" initiatives.


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