Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Readers weigh in on United Fishermen of Alaska's leadership

"United" F of A was always wishful thinking to me. I don't think anyone believes fishermen are united at the present. Senator Lisa Murkowski said that the biggest thing the RSDAs will accomplish is to unite fishermen. They aren't united yet by a long shot.

What wholesales for over $5 a pound, was last surveyed at a biomass of 220 million lbs and lives off-shore of Western Alaska? (Hint, this "meat" used to be a lot pinker.)

It was said too, by a distinguished reader, that "when fishermen circle the wagons to fend off an external threat, they shoot through the middle of the wagons and knock off their own men."

But this UFA business touched a raw nerve with readers and I reprint PORTIONS of their e-mails to me. This is the only way to comment on my blogs now. When I published the post on the UFA leadership attacking me personally, with no provocation on my part and an assumed connection to an RSDA, I had to take down the "comments" feature. The whole blog was disabled by Blogger by an anonymous person using "inappropriate content" in a comment. I didn't see the comment. Blogger deleted it. The AlaskaReport editor told me some unethical people know they can use certain words in "comments" to shut down a blog.

Here's what a couple of readers said:

When you become effective, the SOB's take shots at you.The smear by the head of the UFA is a good omen.His vast stock holdings which will appreciate in value as processor shares kick in, making him a particularly vulnerable hypocrite.Articulating his complicity to his electorate will eventually neutralize him.By attacking you publicly he is giving you power.Only the truth hurts.


"John, that's some great blog work!!! UFA leadership was almost the litmus test for corrosive anti-competititive forces harming fishermen, and without open criticism, the few good folks still around won't be able to rise... but with so much processor yeast in the UFA cake, well, Enge's right, ... UFA has to go. A new, true fishermen association (no processors allowed) has to take its place, one that represents all fishermen of all gear types. And there are plenty of global issues to deal with from ATP and the Raising of Ex-Vessel Prices realm to stopping MSA Reauthorization as a cover for Cartelization... etc."

"Nice to see you punch back, John, but we've long learned to just ignore-and-excuse Bobby on a "personal level", even though he's one who always needs a good public spanking on a regular basis just to remind him he's not the one in charge. By the way, how can anyone do so many "jobs" on so many boards, seine and deliver to so many processors, and have time for "leadership" etc.? Doesn't the governor think it's about time to get more than one "leading fisherman" opinion? And how is it that a SE-seine boat wrecker (have insurance payments to Bobby funded more than boat repairs?, as in political expenses?) gets self-avowed expertise on marketing? Does that come from the parochial archipelago deck while miles away from modern shoppers? Oops, we forgot, "Outsiders" aren't allowed to play, and only Insiders are experts."