Saturday, October 22, 2005

Salmon - it's baby brain food

What we have here is a remarkable study done by Harvard Medical School. It says that when expecting mothers eat salmon, light canned tuna and sardines, the baby's brain develops better. Remember, all mothers want their babies to be little Einsteins. This could be big.

I was reading an article the other day about fish oil having the essential nutrients for formation and health of membranes in the brain. So when I discovered the Ashland Food Coop in Ashland, OR a couple days ago I was looking for good salmon. And lo and behold they had some nice pieces of fresh bright king salmon. For an ex-troller like myself, I knew I'd found my kind of store all the way around. They also carried wild Mexican pale shrimp. If it had been Alaskan prawns, it would have been a two course dinner that night.

Waxing philosophical a little on health food stores; that store in Ashland is almost the reason for being for the city of Ashland. The prices were good too. No twinkies there. Everything else under the sun though. Beer is natural isn't it? What a fine model of a good-for-you-food store. The apples weren't those little sour blighted ones you usually see at an organic food store either. They were big and plump with just a couple spots that I saw. That told me they weren't sprayed with stuff that settles in your liver so you have to take dandilion root tea to get it out.

Speaking of health food stores, I'm reminded of the time I went to Arizona to distribute smoked salmon. I got a chain to carry the smoked salmon I was getting and they promptly marked it up to $18.50 a pound and stuck it in a vast wall of other choices. Then they started talking about how easy it would be for them to smoke their own salmon. I promptly went to work for Ruger welding titanium. Oh, the joys of marketing fish!


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