Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Salmon revitalization facts

If you thought the Alaska salmon industry was going to the dogs and there's a lack of leadership in State government, guess again. Here's a link to an article by two State Commissioners that says in a few more words what I was saying the other day.

Pelican was my home for the first two years of my life. The cold storage wrote a Fish Ticket for my parents for " One large baby boy" when I was born. Dad was running the place.

There IS leadership in salmon industry revitalization and it's having results, which means it's not guesswork, but pointed like leadership should be. I was telling someone the other day about Fran Ulmer throwing stones at Governor Murkowski in that Institute for Social and Economic Research report.

The response was that the Governor was doing lots of things wrong. That sounds mostly partisan to me. None of this partisanship has any place in a free market economy. The Chilean fish farmers don't care if we fight among ourselves. All the more market share for them.

If the folks who wrote that ISER report knew their p's and q's about the fishing industry they would know that the restructuring initiatives that are in the works at the moment have the potential to blow the fish farmers out of the water. It's folks that get a little information and run with it that are in actuality holding back revitalization of the industry. We surely don't need that.

Forget the politics and lets all get a free market mentality. Then salmon will be able to compete globally. (Notice I don't call farmed fish from Chile and Norway salmon, most of the time. They are really a trout, and we all know trout just does not compete on the grill with REAL salmon.)


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