Monday, October 24, 2005

Displaced fishermen free training program

A very fine report by Laine Welsh on the Mercant Marine training for fishermen. "So far more than 200 salmon fishermen have participated in the training program, and Mayhew said they are just beginning to get a feel for the numbers of displaced workers from the Bering Sea crab fisheries which began in August. She stressed that the SIU training builds on the experiences fishermen already have, and that the Coast Guard credits them for some or all of their sea time. "It really puts them on a fast track for upgrades instead of having to start at ground zero," she said."

Going through the program GUARANTEES a job. With all the bennies too! Seems there is a shortage of merchant mariners. $3,500 a month to start and cruise ships coming on line all the time that need manning. If I were just a few years younger... This is the kind of pro-active reporting that helps keep the marine trades alive and well.

It's the norm these days to switch careers 3 - 5 times in a lifetime. So fishermen shouldn't feel too bad about having to switch. I know some job exits are hard to stomach though, getting thrown out on your rear by people more powerful than you. Try an appointment in State government. If you're going forward, with your breast-plate on and battling for the right, you need to get in, make what contribution you can, as quickly as you can, and get out before you get it in the back. Simple.

This Laine Welsh article also spells out in great detail the rundown on halibut and black cod prices. The other day I was telling someone about the virtues of smoked black cod and starting to get a real craving. At those prices I'd have to skip lunch for a week. Maybe in another six months my Google AdSense ads will pay for a nice feed. And I know, the ads seem to be stuck on Kosher these days. Don't know what glitch in their program is causing that.


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