Saturday, November 05, 2005

Marketing Genius

That's a catchy title if I ever saw one. I didn't make it up. It is the title of an article about a famous restauranteur. He has more different concepts than you can shake a stick at. And makes 45 to 50 million dollars having such fun. Sounds like he will partner with someone with a good concept. Any ideas?

I heard of a guy that fished around Kodiak for a couple of years as a deckhand, then moved to Buffalo, N.Y. and opened a restaurant called the Kodiak Cafe. Apparently he was importing Alaska fish to serve and making a killing. Same reason a "New York Deli" works so good on the West Coast. It has a mystique about it. My "Passport Alaska" sold fabulously in the gift shops in Alaska and back East, but I couldn't sell one in Seattle. This marketing stuff just goes on and on.

There's a new magazine starting up that Pacific Fishing magazine came up with to address marketing stuff. It is intended to be a bridge between the source of supply and the end of the supply chain, like the restauranteur in the above article. Although it never shows up in my search results. I think anyone that has survived a marriage very long will attest to the fact that communications is of primary concern. Anything to rachet up the conversation in the extended seafood industry. These chefs are the Alaskan fishermen's extended family.

If you need that rich uncle, ya better go talk to him. A standoff doesn't hurt him, it just hurts the fisherman. The day is coming real soon where fishermen will have the confidence and tools to make those trips to see Uncle Harry. One of my readers that fishes quotes Pythagoras. I have a feeling he'll be making the trip one of these days very soon.


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