Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Latest on RFID, kind of

We're all wondering if we'll need to put a RFID tag on a brown crab shipped to a customer in Orange County. And whether it's going to help make more money; Return on Investment (ROI). Here's a story about DelMonte's experiences and it appears they took about the most serious look of all food manufacturers I've seen anyway.

Picture of the old marine ways in Petersburg before it was razed to make room for the boat harbor expansion. It was right where the new fishermen's hoists are now.

(A point of order that was brought to my attention by a reader. I do not condone the ad that is automatically placed on this blog about salmon having feelings. A search engine puts it there. I'll try to get rid of it like some of the others of even less repute that have found their way onto my blog. My apologies for being a party to spreading such nonsense. It's actually kind of funny. I suppose these are the folks that think their fresh salad lets out a little scream every time they take a bite.)

There was a press release recently by MCI on their giving Ocean Beauty Seafoods a full make-over in the Information Technology arena. Seems the system will integrate everything, and I mean everything. Maybe even keep track of the guano load on the cannery roof in Petersburg. No mention of RFID though, but if they do go that route, I'm sure this system would handle it. And it will be able to handle video teleconferencing and Voice over Internet Protocol too.

But my new cell phone can probably do that too, if you could get through that manual they send with it. The manual is several times the size of the phone. I do know I can take pictures and then e-mail the pictures to someone with a Bluetooth enabled computer and have them printed out or put on my blog, just like that.

Don't feel bad if you didn't get all that. Dan Cuddy, the President of First National Bank of Alaska, wouldn't have a computer obstruct his view of the Chugach Mountains over his desk, even if he did know how to use one.


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