Friday, October 28, 2005

Tech breakthrough puts Omega 3s in many foods

Milk with fish oil? I just put a question mark there to get you going. This trend is taking off like a rocket. One producer of enhanced milk say it outsells their regular milk two to one. This is one for the "revitalization" folks in Alaska to put in their pipe.
The process by which this Nova Scotia dairy puts fish oil in milk was developed right there in N.S. Wouldn't be surprised if that sharp young woman I met at the research center at Technical University of Nova Scotia had something to do with it. They would develop any kind of seafood product you wanted there, for a fee of course.

If Mother Theresa liked cooking, that's the kind of kitchen she'll get in her "mansion." You could whip up a batch of surimi link sausages and fish protien powder pancakes for breakfast. Maybe I shouldn't shortchange myself and put in such a request for my "mansion" in heaven.

Picture of some of some kings and a small coho on my troller in Lower Chatham Strait one spring.

Grain sauce on the salmon, and protien pasta.

This just in from my new home-town newspaper on the latest trends in eating. If you've got a new seafood sensation in mind to make up and produce, the writer of this article might be a good one to contact. And for you fifty and over bachellors, if she is wearing a large red hat, it might be doubly fun. You just gotta read this one.

Conagra wins foodservice innovation award.

Here's how to make an award winning product. Coming up with a product that 2500 school districts immediately glom onto is no small thing. The novel thing here was just using a whole wheat flour that kids think is the refined, couch patato white flour. As us parents know all so well, you have to give kids what they will eat, or they won't eat at all. But they are no different than adults in that they want their food to taste good. They like Top Ramen noodles because of the spice packet. Someone just needs to make those noodles out of protien instead of the dead substance they are using, then you'd have something.

You could make Top Ramen out of turbot, since they aren't good for much else. Call it Turbo Ramen and put a picture of a kid in a Halo II outfit on the package. If you are wondering what Halo II is, you are probably way down the learning curve in developing a food product for kids. Like the famous Chevis Regal ad said, under a bottle with no label, "If you don't recognize this bottle, you're not ready for Chevis."

If you really want to rejuvinate the seafood industry, make seafood products for kids. It would probably help if the fish was no longer recognizable and didn't taste like fish. To get kids to eat fish in traditional forms, it has to taste better than what's out there now. Even if you could get day old, troll caught king salmon to every grocery store in America, it still isn't "cool" to kids. And these Roman style feasts on seafood you get at some restaurants won't last forever the way they are emphasizing health education in high schools these days. For example, in the Dallas, OR high school, the health teacher flunked a hundred kids one year. Of course that doesn't say much for the teacher in my opinion, but the point is, is that schools are serious about health education, just like keeping the guns out of there.


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