Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"Oh, where have all the newspapers gone,......"

You won't ever catch me using a title like "Tech.......something." That's the quickest way to get us old-school types to head for bed. But like it or not, that's the kind of world we live in. Some experts are now dividing us into the categories of the "have DSL" and the "don't have DSL." Never mind the size of our bank accounts, DSL will level the playing field and then make the necessary corrections to the DSL users' accounts.

Talk about changing times. My son on the beach in Douglas, AK. This is what one man looked like as a boy, who the U.S. government used to nab one of the most despotic dictators in history.

One of my sons, who is becoming the communicator emeritus, was offered free dial-up, but almost decided to be without the Internet than not have DSL. It's the reason hardly anybody rides a bicycle to work. They would rather walk or do anything else. It's just so passe.And too, society is building roads for DSL just like they are building roads for cars. There's not much planning for dial-up useage any more than for bike paths along-side new freeways.

Well, here's Three Tips in using RSS feeds for now. I mean, you could get my posts and any other source of news you want, to come to you, instead of having to go to it. Saves a lot of time. I spend hours a day researching for my posts, and I still use a search engine to bring me stuff. I couldn't even do this without a news feed. If it's a hobby, like this is, you can't spend all day at it, and if you get paid, you could get paid twice as much.

Guaranteed, if someone would invent sunglasses where our news would display automatically on the inside of the lenses once a day, he'd be a rich man. The iconoclastic dad reading the paper before dinner while the dog fetches his slippers is LONG gone. Some of us used to go to work at the bank 45 minutes early to read the paper. That's getting to be a thing of the past as well.


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